Built Environment Education Forum. International Experiences

“Built Environment Education Forum. International Experiences” is a new initiative that will bring together for the first time French, Polish and Romanian professionals involved in education about architecture, urbanism and the environment, particularly aimed at young audiences.

Participants will spend Friday and Saturday together at the headquarters of the National (Polish) Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw, taking part in the presentation of case studies and dynamic workshops (including the World Café formula). They will learn and inspire each other and together search for the best solutions to raise awareness among children and young people about architectural and urban planning culture and inextricably linked environmental issues. Their work will translate into prototypes of specific educational tools and activities, possible for future implementation.

Representatives of leading French institutions with a long tradition of built environment education activities have confirmed their arrival in Warsaw: Centre Pompidou, arc en rêve from Bordeaux, Réseau des maisons de l’architecture, as well as the Romanian foundation de-a arhitectura and the International Union of Architects (UIA). They will share their experiences and present interesting examples of activities, and will be able to draw inspiration from initiatives in Poland. Also invited are talented Polish educators, including the winners of the Polish edition of Golden Cubes Awards 2023, the international award for the best projects in built environment education.

The call for participants (educators, architects, employees of museums and other cultural institutions, teachers, education experts) will open in mid-March.

The main organizers of the Forum are the Institut français in Poland and the National (Polish) Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU), one of whose missions is to spread knowledge about architecture and develop the culture of the built environment in Poland (cf. Davos Declaration 2018). The Romanian Institute of Culture in Poland is a partner of the event. The project was subsidized by the Institut français in Paris. Saint-Gobain Poland is the sponsor of the initiative.

Communicative knowledge of English is required to participate in the Forum.

Mandatory registration through the form is open until the 7th of April:



Date: 19-20.04.2024
Venue: SARP Pavilion, ul. Foksal 2, Warsaw


  • Centre Pompidou (FR)
    Peggy Derder
  • arc en rêve centre d’architecture (FR)
    Sara Meunier
  • Territoires pionniers | Maison de l’architecture – Normandie (FR)
    Réseau des maisons de l’architecture (FR)
    Félix Pareja
  • De-a Arhitectura Association (Romania)
    Mina Sava
  • UIA (International Union of Architects) Architecture & Children Work Programme
    Mina Sava
    Katarzyna Domagalska
  • National (Polish) Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning
    Katarzyna Domagalska
  • Institut français de Pologne
    Magdalena Pacholczyk
    Nicolas Boisselier

Sponsor: Saint-Gobain Poland