The NIAiU Prize –The Importance of Public Spaces

The NIAiU Prize – The Importance of Shared Spaces is a competition addressed to graduates in different academic fields for best M.A. dissertations.  

The competition aims at promoting best academic works and to motivate students to tackle the subjects of shared space, public space and public utility buildings in their Masters dissertations. 

The Prize is awarded in two categories: design and theory. 

In the design category, works in the field of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, urban planning, spatial management, industrial design, graphic design, conservation of historical monuments and related fields will be evaluated, including projects dedicated to public spaces (e.g. squares, streets, green spaces, recreational areas, sports facilities), urban scale projects (e.g. urban planning projects, revitalization strategies) and public buildings (e.g. schools, hospitals, offices, cultural facilities). 

In the theory category, works describing phenomena occurring in a public space, concerning public buildings, typology, history and socio-economic changes, i.e. works on art history, history of architecture, architectural theory, demographic processes, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, economics, cultural studies, protection of cultural assets, environmental policy, law, management and all other aspects concerning the shaping and functioning of buildings and shared spaces will be evaluated. 

The winners will also receive NIAiU Award statuettes designed by Janusz Kapusta: