The General Architectural Education Team

The General Architectural Education Team was set up by the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning to work towards education in the field of the quality of urbanized environment. We believe that sharing architectural knowledge and awareness of the importance of our spatial environment should take on a universal, systemic character. 

Public architectural education is a vital element of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning’s mission. Eager to develop a new quality of thinking about shared spaces, we feel responsible for carrying out educational activities and for propagating knowledge on architecture and urban planning, and on their significance in today’s world. 

The Team’s task is to develop systemic solutions and to build a system of general architectural education in Poland. In the process of building a system we refer to the ongoing projects, both nationwide and international, that are being realised in many different centres, and also to the postulates of the proposed Polish Architectural Policy and plans for their implementation. 

The General Architectural Education Team has an interdisciplinary character—its members are not only architects and urban planners, but also educators, teachers, art historians, sociologists, people working for local institutions and organisations, for local administration and for NGOs. Projects related to architectural education should be interdisciplinary and use participatory tools, promoting diversity and fostering the idea of sustainable development. All the people involved in the Team pursue a similar goal—to make knowledge about our spatial environment become a permanent element of the educational program in Poland.