To Be Like an Architect

The Institute’s mission is to share and popularise knowledge on architecture and urban planning. We are committed to supporting the development and shaping the awareness of children and youth in these areas from a very early age. Architecture surrounds us and accompanies us throughout our lives—we commune with it, we grow in it. That is why one of the most vital areas of our activity is educating children and youth about the responsibility for the spaces we share. 

To Be Like an Architect educational program aims at acquainting young people with architects’ work. Who are the architects? What did they engage in in the past, what do they engage in today? What tasks does society (including its youngest representatives) set for them? How do houses, schools, streets or squares come into being? How do the boldest ideas about the 21st-century homes and cities become a reality? Are architects responsible for the future of our planet? 

We seek answers to these questions, and many more, in architectural studios. During the meetings, we debate on how to best understand architecture, how to enjoy it and how to contribute to a more sustainable future.