Designers for Ukraine

The National Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU) is building a database of people and businesses working in the creative industry who can offer employment for those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We’re looking for the following opportunities:

  • long-term employment – for those planning to stay in Poland
  • short-term employment or commisions – for those who need support and financial stabilization during their stay in Poland
  • paid internships – for students
  • remote work – for those who cannot or chose not to leave Ukraine but have lost their source of income

The information shared in the form will be used to build a database accessible via and shared with institutions, organizations, offices and individuals in Ukraine, in Polish, English and Ukrainian. NIAiU will direct anyone seeking help to specific businesses or regional branches of architects associations (SARP, IARP) and the Design Institute in Kielce. We are seeking help for people of various backgrounds, working in different professions associated with, but not limited to architectural design, industrial design, graphic design, culture et c. Simultaneously we will be collecting information from individuals seeking help. We will soon provide a website accessible in Ukrainian.

For additional information on the initiative please contact:

Oraganizers: National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Institute of Design in Kielce, The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects