The idea of organizing the International Conference – Defining the Architectural Space of the Chair of Housing and Architectural Compositions IAD FoA CUT has originated from the will to create a forum, that would provoke the discussions on architecture. This need has been admitted to be appropriate for the present time of fast changes, that find their expression in the area of the architectural events as well.

The first meeting in the year 2001 was initiated wit the theme: Defining the architectural space, that raised the multi-thread discussion. Then, that receptive phrase was accepted as the motto for the series of the annual conferences of the Institute of Architectural Design, whereas the fields of the discussion for the successive meetings were designated by the themes: The Theory and Practice in Architecture.

  • 2019 year comes with Tradition and modernity in architecture
  • in 2018 – Rationalistic or Intuitive Way to Architecture. The co-organizer of this year’s conference is The National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • XVI edition in 2017 refers to: Transmutations of concrete,
  • XV edition in 2016 refers to: A house in a city – properties of an architectural thing,
  • while in 2015 refers to: Games and play of architecture,
  • in 2013 Description of Architectural Space,
  • in 2012 Architectural Detail Today,
  • in 2011 Durability and Fleetingness of Architecture,
  • in 2010 – Architecture Now,
  • in 2009 the theme was: Vitruvius’ Theory in the Contemporary Context,
  • in 2008 defining the architectural space it is decided to take up the problem of the role and the meaning of – Architectural Work in the Space of Contemporary City,
  • in 2007 the theme of the meeting was What about the Beauty of Contemporary Architecture?
  • in 2006 the role of Architectural Material was discussed, paying attention to its material and ideological nature,
  • the year 2005. Luckily there was no explicit definition,
  • the year 2004. The discussion began with the question of beauty, utility and the architectural context. The following subject for the discussion was the problem of the distinction between the architectural practice and knowledge – theory,
  • the year 2003, Architecture as Art,
  • the year 2002, The Limits of Architecture.

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